Our Story

"Enjoy the little things in life." This saying is a favorite of Picnic Weather's Founder & CEO, Marjorie Lacombe-Jelinek, and it serves as the foundation for everything she does. A few months ago, she sat outside on a sunny afternoon (while having a picnic!) and admired all the blooms growing despite the gloomy events of 2020. Finding such joy in the little beauties of nature, she was inspired to turn this feeling into a daily reminder, and hence the idea of Picnic Weather earrings took off.

Born and raised in California, Marjorie is a multi-faceted creative whose eye for color has been equally matched by her desire to make the world a better place than she found it. As a graduate of Harvard University, she's been awarded the Harvard Green Carpet Award and the Eco-Sustainability Award for her efforts to promote environmental responsibility. As a senior art director at Sephora and freelance photographer, her portrayal and use of color has attracted over 90,000+ followers around the world.  

At Picnic Weather, we are proudly black-owned, woman-owned, and millennial-owned. We hope your next pair of earrings brings you as much joy as it brings us, and reminds you every day to enjoy the little things that make you smile.